Why won’t Bitfinex/Tether publish already existing Audit reports, as they promise future Bitfinex/Tether Audit reports?

  1. Tether has been audited.
  2. The audits are completed.
  3. He does not know the status of the audit (pass/fail), only that they have been completed.

Completed Audits Exist Right Now

I’m making this post because today I discovered another employee of Bitfinex known as “bfx_drew” on Reddit, publicly admitted that the prior audit reports exist right now.


It is easy for Tether to pass an audit

The Tether audit isn’t even worth that much realistically, because as mentioned in the previous posts the money that is in their account does not actually back circulating Tethers legally speaking.

Frequent Professional Audits. Amount of audits provided since Tether inception: None

Tethers website has been scrubbed of the people behind Tether

Originally, Tether had an “about-us” and “team” pages (https://tether.to/about-us). Luckily we have an archive of it. This is the last version of the page, which was removed and never restored.

Source / Source to Audio Clip

Additional Information

I have been lied to on several occasions by Bitfinex employees and supporters, I was constantly informed that “Bitfinex is not Tether, STOP FUDDING”. The evidence to the contrary is significant.

History is repeating itself as we speak

Of course they will say that I’m making this all up. It’s all “FUD” as Phil Potter will say. In fact, this is the only response to my posts. “FUD” no actual substance proving anything false. Wouldn’t it make sense to dismiss my claims right now with some actual evidence from a professional auditor that’s available right now?

Source (Archive)

It’s not true once we attempt to scrub it off the internet!

Are you noticing a pattern of content being scrubbed after the fact?




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